Monday, January 7, 2013

A massive thank you to Judy aka Miazoe

There is this lovely lady on Ravelry name Judy aka Miazoe. She messaged me a couple weeks go saying she is going to send me a huge yarn and fiber package in the mail! Like I said before I always get really happy when I get fan mail! So today, I got her package and WOW she sent me so much lovely stuff! I just can not believe it! When I was opening up the package, my mom and dad were sitting on the couch watching my smile getting bigger and bigger. My mom thought the yarn and fiber was so beautiful as well...hmm maybe if she like the yarn so much she can start knitting with me. Anyways I love it all Judy and you made my day!

Just to let all of my viewers know, I love you all and to everyone who sent me a package I love everything you guys sent me! To Judy, Deb, Marissa, and Tracy and to everyone else who sent me a package I am really greatful for every little thing! I love you all! =)
JUST WOW!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of what the package looks like =)

What the package looks like inside after I looked through everything
Me and the wonderful package.
Thank you again Judy!!!!

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