Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episodes are on youtube!

Hi Everyone!
I just want to say that all of my episodes are now located at Sorry that I haven't been posting on here in a while it's because blip does not want to upload to the blog any more. I will be posting kal information and other knitting and crafting stuff. I hope that is ok with you all. So again my videos are now located at

Please PM me on Ravelry if you have any questions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A special thank you to Mrstn2006

Hi everyone!
Well as you all may know from the recent video that I made someone special gifted me a tons of stuff. Her name is Tracy, and she was so nice to give me such beautiful yarn. I think that I have been saying thank you way to much but she was so nice that I have to say thank you like a bunch of times.

Again Tracy, Thank you so much for the nice fiber and yarn!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Episode 8: CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
The new episode is up for this week! I hope you enjoy!

Also if you like the video please like it and if you want to get weekly videos each week please suscribe!

p.s. This episode is on youtube again. Blip, for some reason does not like uploading my videos.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Episode 7: Where I cant talk.

Hi Everyone,
Episode 7 Is found on searching knitandspin4fun.

I hope you enjoy!

Also I did a video on how to needle felt. If you made a gingerbread man please post a photo on the ravelry group. I would love to see your gingerbread man. =)


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Episode 6: I'm Back!!!!!

Here is Episode 6: I'm Back!!!!

I did record this episode on to youtube is because of blip not want to upload it. Sorry about that. I hope by next week that blip with upload.


For some reason blogspot doesn't want to link the link ( if that made sense) So just type into youtube knitandpsin4fun and you will find the episode there.. Sorry about that.

Hope you enjoy!!!! Show notes will be up tomorrow around 5 western time

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'm still here.

Hi everyone,
I know that I haven't been posting episodes lately. Blip has been acting up lately and not wanting to upload the episode file. Plus my brother has been useing my computer and I can edit my episodes. Right now I am useing my tablet and I cant upoad anything from there. So I was thinking that every other day I can post my knitting progress through a blog post.
Here is my knitting progress for today:
*I am knitting on Dinner in the Eiffel tower shawl by Jessie Dodington in Caron Simply Soft Light in the Hawaiian sky colorway on size U.S. 6 ( 4.0mm) needle.
* I am also knitting on a Chubby Chirp by Rebecca Danger knitting out of some scraps on size 2

I also have been spinning lately, In the last episode i showed you that i was spinning on some Joanne fabric felting fiber. I finished it and it came out really pretty. I was thinking through my head that if i get some more of that fiber I can spin it up and knit a cardigan out of it. I know that sounds like a crazy idea but you know me and my crazy imaggation.

Finished objects:
* I have finished the Simply Riveting Scarf by Meagan Williams out of Paton sock on size US 8.
* also i have finished the Raglan Sleeved Easy Baby sweater knitted out of Vickie Howell in brown and in pink on size Us 6.

Sewing has been okey lately, I have been designing and been working on making things for other people. Like I have been working on things for my grandma and fixing her sewing mistakes and makeing curtains for my mothers living room.
Right niw I am designing a cute little lace vest for school. I think that this lace vest is going to be so cute because It is cute and girly i the front and plain and simply in the back. I got the front all pined to the mannequine I just have to make the back now, than off to sewing. I am useing a silkey fabric for the body and I am going to but white lace over it so it can have some style.

Whats next for knitting?
* I want to do Bot Bytes by Jenna Kupur.
* And just toy knittng.

Other stuff?
* I got the Interweave fall 2012 issue. I will review this on the show.
* Thanks to Joycelyn and Meagan for gifting me the My Wish pattern by Laura Linneman
* Kal please join, and please tell others about it. The pattern is Simply Riveting by meagan williams. There are going to be prizes and if you join the Kal you might win. SO PLEASE JOIN!!! :) ;) :).

So this is just a little update on my knitting and my other crafting. And thanks for understanding.

Happy knitting and I hope to see you next week.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

KAL for August!!!!! You may begin!

Hi everyone,
So you may know that I am hosting a KAL for the Knitandspin4fun group on Ravelry for the month of August. If you want to know the details about the KAL just go to the Ravelry group and look under the thread August KAL.

So today is August 1 and you may begin the Simply Riveting Scarf by Meagan Williams. Remember you have a month to do this pattern and on September 2, 2012 I will be drawing prizes.
I have already made a scarf so here is a picture of it......and sorry about the blurr to the picture. I will show you the scarf on the podcast next week.

I hope you enjoy the first KAL of the knitandspin4fun group and I hope you make some really pretty scarfs..

Happy knitting,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Episode 4: its been a busy couple of weeks

works in progress:
-Squiggly the Squigglie monster by Hillary Nesselrodt knitted in Crystal Palace yarn on size US 6 ( 4.0) mm needle
-Jayne Cupcakes by Kathleen Sperling for Carin

Finished objects:
-Jayne cupcakes for Carin ( made 3)
- Zilver by Lisa Mutch knitted out of Deborah Norville sock yarn in the Purple colorway on size US 8
-Grandmas favorite dishcloth knitted out of peaches n cream yarn


Whats next?
-Terribly Simple by Caitlin Ffrench
- more dishcloths

-Knitandspin4fun t-shirt
-designing a shirt
- cardigan

Other Stuff:
- new dog
-congrats to Knitabulls on her washcloth KAl
-Knitpicks catalog

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Episode 3: Where its old but its up

I did record this episode a long time ago like around Fathers day so there is some information that's already been done.

I am so sorry!

Hi everyone I am so sorry that I haven't been recording for the past month. I am recording tomorrow which is Monday July 2, 2012. I will be posting 2 episodes and one of the episodes is an old episode that I recorded on my camera but I forgot to post it on my blog. Than the other episode is the new episode. I hope that made sense. Anyways I am sorry again that I haven't been recording/posting lately.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode 1: Welcome to the Knitandspin4fun Podcast

show notes:
 I am Kirsten also known as Knitandspin4fun on Ravelry

Works in progress:
-Budding Shawlette by Joyce Yu. Knitting it out of some yarn that I forgot the name of. Knitted on a size U.S. 6 ( 4.0mm) needle

-finished Woodviews Alpaca fiber from Woodsview Alpaca Farm. I got 402 yarns of a fingering weight yarn.

Finished objects:
-Lacy ribs socks by Wendy D. Johnson. Knitted out of Caron Simply Soft Light in the Key lime colorway. Knitted on a size U.S. 2 ( 2.0 mm) needle.
- Simple afterthought heel socks ( baby size) knitted in left over sock yarn. Knitted on a size U.S. 2 ( 2.0 mm) needle

Sewing: Finished bone/ dog place mats for my Aunt.
- Fixed my grandmas shirt.
- Next up for sewing is hat and a pleated skirt from

Whats next?
-Grandmas Favorite dishcloth for Knitabulls knit along for May and june
- Zilver shawl by Lisa Muteh
-Felicity by Wanett Clyele

Other stuff:
-Thank you to Darkkittieknits for sending me some yarn
-We have 17 members in the group now.
-I got the Interweave knits summer 2012 magazine.

I hope you enjoyed watching, and I hope you join me again for another Episode! Happy knitting and spinning!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hey everyone welcome to the Knitandspin4fun Podcast! I will be starting a podcast at the end of May. Here is a link to the Ravelry group, and I hope you go and join it!      

Hope you join the ravelry group!