Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy February!

Hi Everyone!
So February is now here, and I am excited about it! Valentine's day is almost here and I want to talk about what you can make for the love of your life or anyone that you love! Valentine's day doesn't have to be about romance it can be just about giving your love to your pet, mom, dad, grandma, or just family in general. The most classic gift is a box of chocolate or a teddy bear! If your a crafty person like me you like to do something out of the box!

Now if you don't knit or spin or even sew you can make a cute little gift just by using house hold items! Like you can take a mug and paint a love note or just a cute funny saying! I know when I was a kid that is what I did when I was in kindergarden - 5th grade. That is an easy project that kids or even adults can do! You can get the supplies at Walmart, Joanns, or any craft store near you!

Now if you are a teen like me and you want to do something a little bit harder or something that you want to put some effort into you can make sew a heart pillow! You can use a needle or thread or a sewing machine for this one! You can print out a big heart from Google and you can get about a yard or 2 of red fleece or felt and trace that heart on there. Than you can cut it out and sew all the way around the heart leaving about a 5inch gap so you can stuff it with pollifill! This is a cute gift to give to anyone! If I was making this I would put a cute saying on the pillow! This thoughtful gift is fun to make and very inexpensive! Again you can get these supplies at Joann's, Walmart, or any craft store near you!

So, I hope these two easy projects helped you guys out a little! Remember you don't have to gift a gift on Valentine's day to someone you can just say a ''I love you''.

Happy Knitting!