Sunday, July 14, 2013

Florida Trip 2013!!

Hi Everyone!

If you didn't know, my Grandma and I went to Fort Myers Beach Florida a few week ago. I had an awesome time and I just wanted to show you guys some pictures that I took while I was there!

The front view of my Grandfather's condo.

At this dock, I fished and I got a really huge fish. If you want
to catch a fish, use shrimp it's really good stuff!

Love seeing little lizards while I go for a peaceful walk.

Heading down to Times Square. There's shops and the lovely beach
at Times Square.

 This little feller was following me around at the beach. I thought he was a beautiful bird.

 Here are some lovely pictures of the beach. I can hear the ocean right now. I wish I can just pop through the picture and be there.

Me and my Grandma at Ted's Montana Grill. I
love this place to go and have a yummy buffalo

Speaking about food, this was the biggest strawberry that I
    ever had!

Here we come Florida, bye-bye Vegas!
In this picture my Grandam and I are headed back
to Vegas BOO!!!! We had a rough night with delaying and
cranky airline people. ( I'll explain more about it in the next
podcast episode.